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3.00 ct VS2/F Round Cut Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring 14K White Gold

3.00 ct VS2/F Round Cut Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring 14K White Gold
3.00 ct VS2/F Round Cut Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring 14K White Gold
3.00 ct VS2/F Round Cut Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring 14K White Gold
3.00 ct VS2/F Round Cut Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring 14K White Gold

3.00 ct VS2/F Round Cut Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring 14K White Gold  3.00 ct VS2/F Round Cut Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring 14K White Gold
3.00 ct VS2/F Round Cut Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring 14K White Gold. Fully insured 2-5 days to arrive.

All Our Diamonds come with a Gemological. Here at Bennett Jewelers we offer high quality engagement rings with 100% Natural Earth Mined Conflict Free Diamonds. We DO NOT sell Lab Simulations! All diamond jewelry come with a Free Jewelry Appraisal and a. By the most respected diamond grading labs in the world.

Don't settle for uncertainty! At Bennett Jewelers we offer 360° view of actual ring, so you can see the real shine & sparkle of the diamond.

This mesmerizing, one of a kind 3.00 ct round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring will astonish you with its exceptional combination! The 1.75 ct center diamond is EGI certified at F color and VS2 clarity enhanced, colorless and eye clean.

It has an exceptional cut as well and sparkles tremendously! The custom-made white gold setting features a halo of round diamonds set around the center and a split shank set with two rows of round diamonds in a pave setting. All you see are brilliant diamonds! This one of a kind masterpiece is sure to astonish you and everyone who sees it on!

Engagement / Wedding Ring Sets. A Family business established in 1948. Unlike most diamonds websites that sell other wholesalers diamonds and then get a commission, we at Bennett carry our own inventory as we ourselves are a true wholesaler. In fact, we have been providing quality loose diamonds and jewelry to jewelry stores for over 26 years now. However as the Internet grew in popularity we realized that this was a great opportunity to reach customers directly and pass the savings on to you. Bennett-Jewelers website has grown to become one of the leaders in the online diamonds world.

We know that offering fine jewelry at a great price is only part of the story. We are fully committed to providing a superior shopping experience - both in our stores and online.

Our sales staff is empowered with the knowledge to assist each customer, while our website offers an Education Center where you can learn more about jewelry. Each of our diamond rings is displayed using our exclusive Diamond Display Technology, which allows you to interact with rings in 360°, all from the comfort of your home. We are in charge from beginning to end, from polishing the rough diamond, to designing the jewelry through to the finished product to ensure that our customers receive only the very best.

We have cut the extra costs and have passed the savings along to you, the customer, without sacrificing quality. Most our diamonds are EGL/GIA certified (two of the most respected independent diamond grading labs), and of the finest quality. From classic solitaire rings to intricate pave settings to sleek modern designs, Bennett offers an extensive collection of jewelry to fit your personal style. Certified diamonds experts are on site, around the clock, to assist you with any inquiries you may have. We stand behind every item we sell.

With Bennetts risk-free retail policy, you can shop with complete confidence and be sure that you made the right decision. Today, Bennett provides diamonds and fine jewelry to 62 retail stores in 28 countries around the world.

Understanding a diamonds quality characteristics is straightforward and simple. Bennetts diamond education is designed to answer all your questions. It explains a diamonds characteristics, how those characteristics influence appearance, and which are more important than others. The price of any particular diamond is appraised using four key qualities of the gem, known as the 4cs, Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. In just a few minutes youll know everything you need to know to find your perfect diamond.

Understanding a diamond's quality characteristics is straightforward and simple. It explains a diamond's characteristics, how those characteristics influence appearance, and which are more important than others. In just a few minutes you'll know everything you need to know to find your perfect diamond. A well cut diamond will appear brilliant and fiery, while a poorly cut diamond may appear dark or lifeless regardless of how good the color or clarity may be.

Not only do well cut diamonds have the most sparkle they may also appear larger than a poorly cut diamond of the same carat weight. A well-cut diamonds exhibit three different properties: brilliance, dispersion and scintillation.

As light strikes a diamond's surface, it will either reflect off the table of a polished stone or enter the diamond. The light that is reflected off the diamond is known as the diamond's brilliance. As light travels through a stone, some of the light rays are separated into flashes of color.

This is known as dispersion. The result of dispersionthe separation of white light into its spectral colors is known as fire.

Scintillation is flashes of color that are viewable as an observer moves a diamond back and forth. A diamond's color is a measure of the stone's whiteness, meaning it is actually measuring the lack of color a diamond has. A color grade of D is the highest possible, while Z is the lowest.

Color manifests itself in a diamond as a pale yellow. This is why a diamond's color grade is based on its lack of color. The less color a diamond has, the higher its color grade. After cut, color is generally considered the second most important characteristic when selecting a diamond.

This is because the human eye tends to detect a diamond's sparkle first, and color second. At Bennett, you'll find only the finest diamonds with color graded D-J. Diamonds graded J or better are colorless or near-colorless, with color that is typically undetectable to the unaided eye.

What color is right for me? For the purist, look for a white diamond with a grade of D-F for a diamond with no discernible color. For an excellent value in a diamond with little or no noticeable color to the unaided eye, look for a near-colorless grade of G-I. Clarity is a measure of the number and size of the tiny imperfections that occur in almost all diamonds.

Many of these imperfections are microscopic, and do not affect a diamond's beauty in any discernible way. Much is made of a diamond's clarity, but of the Four Cs, it is the easiest to understand, and, according to many experts, generally has the least impact on a diamond's appearance.

Clarity simply refers to the tiny, natural imperfections that occur in all but the finest diamonds. Gemologists refer to these imperfections by a variety of technical names, including blemishes and inclusions, among others.

Diamonds with the least and smallest imperfections receive the highest clarity grades. Because these imperfections tend to be microscopic, they do not generally affect a diamond's beauty in any discernible way. The position of an inclusion affects how easily it can be seen. Our diamond cutters make every effort to cut a stone so that inclusions are not visible through the table of the finished diamond. The preferred position for inclusions is under the bezel facets or near the girdle because they are harder to see there.

Note: It is also a good idea to balance the clarity grade of your diamond with the color. If you are looking at diamonds in the D-F color range, focus on clarity grades of SI1 or higher. Diamonds in the F-I color range combined with SI clarity are excellent values.

A carat specifically measures a diamonds weight. The easiest of the four Cs to understand is that of carat weight. It's simply the weight of the stone itself, without the setting. In the trade, the prices of diamonds are expressed in price per carat, and the diamond's size makes the largest difference. A carat equals 0.2 grams. Carats are then divided into 100 points. So a quarter-carat has 25 points and is written as 0.25 carats, or ¼ carat. Because of its rarity, one larger diamond is more valuable than a combination of smaller diamonds. Not all diamonds have the same price for the same weight. Each individual diamond, depending on its cut, color, and clarity, will fall into a particular category of price per carat. More desirable stones cost more, and while size is the biggest determining factor of price, a smaller stone of higher quality may cost the same.

Clarity enhanced diamonds are 100% natural mined diamonds, just like every other natural diamond. After being cut and polished, these diamonds undergo another unique treatment aimed at improving the clarity of the diamond. This treatment does not change any other property of the diamond except its clarity (even the carat weight remains exactly the same).

Clarity enhancement process takes a diamond with a visible imperfection and makes the imperfection invisible to the naked eye. The imperfection remains in the diamond but it can no longer be seen. A more technical explanation would be the following.

During the clarity enhancement process we insert a microscopic amount of material into the part of the diamond that contains a feather. This material has the same optical properties as the diamond itself. When light travels from one medium to another, it either changes its course or reflects in a different direction.

When light attempts to pass through a non-enhanced diamond that has a feather, the light hits the feather and reflects off in any number of directions. That is why we see the feather, and the diamond doesn't appear to be clean. With a clarity enhanced diamond, the light passes through the natural feather because the material used for the enhancement has the same optical characteristics as the diamond. The beam of light "thinks" it's still traveling through the same material (diamond) and continues its original course. The revolutionary process optically eliminates "feathers", which are naturally occurring in most diamonds. Best of all, clarity enhanced diamonds are totally natural and come from the same diamond mines as all other diamonds. The clarity enhancement process is not visible to the naked eye. Only your trained jeweler will ever know that you own a natural clarity enhanced diamond. The clarity enhancement doesn't change the diamond in any way! It's still a natural diamond, just look better. Take a look at the before and after pictures below and judge for yourself. Does Clarity enhancement "Change" the diamond in any way?

No, it is still a natural diamond - it just looks better. The amount of material used to fill the feather is so microscopic that even the world's greatest diamond laboratory, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has reported that clarity enhancement process adds ZERO WEIGHT to a diamond. Should I consider purchasing a clarity enhanced diamond? Of course you do, everyone should consider purchasing a clarity enhanced diamond. The ones who probably aren't happy are the ones who bought them and weren't told.

There are many jewelers and people within the industry who frown on "clarity enhanced" diamonds, especially other diamond dealers. Because this invention has brought less expensive, good looking diamonds to the consumer and this is taking business away from them. The benefits of clarity enhanced diamonds. Clarity enhancement is the cutting-edge of natural diamond treatments.

This highly sophisticated scientific process provides numerous incomparable benefits. Simply put, you will not be able to find a better deal on a natural diamond. Price - A clarity enhanced diamond can cost as little as 30%-50% of non-enhanced similarly graded diamond. Looks - Gives the same budget, a clarity enhanced diamond will always be more beautiful and grade higher. Durable for lifetime - The proprietary process we use is extremely durable and remains intact for a lifetime. The treatment will remain intact for a lifetime and withstand standard wear and tear just like any other natural diamond. Only strong industrial acids or extreme hear of over 300 degrees Celsius (572 degrees Fahrenheit) can reverse the enhancement. Should a clarity enhanced diamond be graded as it appears before the enhancement was applied, or after? Since the clarity enhancement process is aimed at changing the diamonds clarity, this choice will obviously change the grade received.

Some gemologists claim that diamonds should be graded before the enhancement has been applied. Since the enhancement can be reversed by special equipment, this means that a given grade and certificate can be rendered incorrect if indeed the enhancement is removed.

The problem with grading based on the clarity prior to the enhancement is that it makes the grade received irrelevant in determining the diamond dollar value. Obviously, an enhanced diamond that reached a clarity level of VS2 is worth more than a diamond that only reached a clarity level of SI1. Therefore, gemologists specializing in clarity enhanced diamonds always grade the diamond after the enhancement has been applied. GIA has chosen not to certify clarity-enhanced diamonds at all. Other prominent labs, such as EGL, IGI etc.

Do actually grade enhanced stones, and they base their report on the state of clarity as it appears after the enhancement by a combination of 10x magnifying microscope and 2x (naked eye). Every Certificate of Authenticity will contain a detailed grading report, FREE OF CHARGE!

Every certificate includes detailed information about the 4 important characteristics of a diamond (the 4 C's): color, cut, clarity and carat weight; a picture of the item and appraisal value. We are proud to offer our elegant and extraordinary pieces to individuals around the world.

VAT charges are based on the location of the recipient. I'd like to place an international order. Can I pay with two different credit cards? What if I need help placing an order? We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Are you worried that you may have ordered the incorrect ring size? That's no problem at Benntt. How do I find out the ring size of my loved one? How do I find my own ring size? The best way to find the correct ring size that special someone is to directly ask your loved one's friends or family.

A mother, close relative, or a best friend will generally know that type of information. If you are still stumped, here are some helpful tips. We at Bennett are aware that you may not know the ring size you need and we want to help. Resizing is FREE OF CHARGE. Don't know the ring size?

If you are ordering from outside of the US or Canada, we ask that you first determine your ring size according to your country's standard. Upon determining the correct ring size, please use the International Ring Size Chart in order to convert your unit of measurement to the corresponding US ring size so that we may successfully place your order. Do you have gemologists on staff? Indeed we do have a certified gemologist on staff!

A Graduate Gemologist is an integral part of our customer service team. If you have any further questions, you are welcome to speak with a licensed gemologist at any time.

All our diamonds are 100% authentic and naturally mined diamond, clarity enhanced. All rings come with certificate of authenticity and most engagement rings come with a diamond report as well. A more technical explanation would be the following: During the clarity enhancement process we insert a microscopic amount of material into the part of the diamond that contains a feather. Do your items come with certificates and appraisals?

Furthermore most rings come with a diamond report by one of the leading gemological laboratories as GIS, EGL or GIA. Please contact our customer service representatives. What are clarity enhanced diamonds? This treatment does not change any other property of the diamond except the diamond's level of clarity.

Even the carat weight remains exactly the same! The process of clarity enhancement transforms a diamond with visible imperfections through a series of special treatments which makes any imperfection invisible to the naked eye. The imperfection remains within the diamond; however the treatment renders the blemishes completely invisible. Do you have a retail store located in my home state? Bennett Jewelers does not operate in local retail locations.

This allows us to cut overhead costs and focus exclusively on quality and service; providing you with a high quality items at a much better value than your local retail store. Our extensive inventory allows us to work around the clock to provide overnight, 24 hour service to jewelers across United States, Canada, and Europe.

We understand how important it is for our customers to see and feel jewelry especially special items such as an engagement ring. I saw a ring on your website and I love it! Can I try it on? You absolutely may try our jewelry on! At Bennett, we understand how important it is for our customers to see and feel jewelry, especially a piece of jewelry as special as an engagement ring.

Can you engrave my ring? Yes, we'd be happy to personalize your ring with an inscription for FREE. Conflict-free diamonds are precious stones that were not obtained due to human rights abuse i.

Child labor, violence, or environmental degradation. At Bennett, we make sure that our customers receive conflict-free diamonds. Our internal guidelines exceed and surpass governmental requirements. We manufacture most of our own diamonds, and therefore have first-hand knowledge of their conflict-free origins. When you shop at Bennett, you can be certain that your diamonds are provided by the utmost best in reputable providers. Customers are not subject to any extra charges. You will be assigned an authorization number at that time. Listing and template services provided by inkFrog. The item "3.00 ct VS2/F Round Cut Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring 14K White Gold" is in sale since Friday, May 3, 2019. This item is in the category "Jewelry & Watches\Engagement & Wedding\Engagement Rings".

The seller is "bennett-jewelers" and is located in New York, New York. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  • Brand: Bennett
  • Main Stone: Diamond
  • Metal: White Gold
  • Ring Size: 7
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Diamond Clarity Grade: Very Slightly Included (VS2)
  • Diamond Color Grade: F
  • Main Stone Shape: Round
  • Main Stone Treatment: Clarity Enhanced
  • Metal Purity: 14k
  • Setting Style: Halo
  • Total Carat Weight: 2.00 - 4.99
  • Sizable: Yes
  • Natural/Lab-Created: Natural
  • Style: Solitaire with Accents
  • Clarity: VS2
  • Cut: Very Good
  • Diamond Color: F
  • Total Carat Weight (TCW): 3.00
  • Certification/Grading: EGI

3.00 ct VS2/F Round Cut Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring 14K White Gold  3.00 ct VS2/F Round Cut Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring 14K White Gold